Parts Manufacturing

Karrie meets high international manufacturing standards by pairing its highly-skilled technical staff with the latest high-end machining capabilities for the production of custom metal and plastic parts.



Metal stamping

Over 230 sets of stamping machines of 25 to 600 tons, a number  of which deployed in robotic assembly systems, form the backbone of our metal stamping capability. Office equipment, computer peripherals and automotive parts are some of the major products we make.


Plastic Injection

We supplement our longstanding experience with more than 100 sets of advanced plastic injection machines ranging from 25 to 1600 tons in the manufacturing processes, including gas injection moulding.

Mould Design and Production

Our Mould Department is staffed with a core team of 100 highly experienced technicians capable of completing assignments, regardless of their complexity, within a competitive lead time of 20 to 60 days.

Numerical Control (NC) Service

We provide numerical control machining services, specializing in sheet metal and components. For sheet metal parts, we provide fabrication and assembly services, from prototyping stage to small-batch production. Plastic rapid proto-typing, plastic/ metal components fabrication  and fixture builds are also within our service range  for component products.